Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry In Silver Spring, MD - Get Your Confidence Back At Park Dental Office

Time can take a toll on the esthetics of your teeth. Habits such as daily food and drink choices, nighttime teeth grinding, or accidents can wear away at your natural teeth. Cosmetic dentists can help to bring back your picture-perfect smile. At Park Dental Office in Silver Spring, Dr. Stephen and Dr. Brian Park have practiced cosmetic dentistry for many years and enjoy returning a confident smile to countless patients.

Whether we like it or not, our smile says a lot about us. Whether it’s making a good first impression for an interview or a big event such as a wedding, our doctors are here to help bring you a confident smile. We understand that cosmetic dentistry can significantly impact patients’ lives. At Park Dental Office we have built our practice on a philosophy that is geared towards helping patients in the least intrusive manner that at the same time is both effective and economical.

Custom Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring

Custom teeth whitening allows patients the flexibility of at-home treatment created around their daily schedule. Individually customized mouth trays are fabricated at our office and whitening strengths are recommended at the personal preference of each patient. Bleach levels depend on how often the patient will wear the trays as well as their sensitivity levels to the gel. Our dentists listen to each individual's needs and take the time to create an optimum cosmetic treatment plan.

Our Services

Besides teeth whitening, Park Dental Office offers several other cosmetic dental procedures. Some of our most common services are:


Composite bonding to treat chipped or worn teeth

Dentures, replacing full or partial missing teeth

Crowns and Bridges

At Park Dental Office in Silver Spring, our dentists are more than happy to address any issues you may have with cosmetic treatment. Together we will find the best way to bring out your perfect smile.

Contact us today if you had any additional questions about cosmetic care or if you needed to schedule an appointment at our Silver Spring cosmetic dental practice today!

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