Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding Services in Silver Spring

The appearance of the smile can greatly contribute or detract from a patient’s self-confidence. At Park Dental Office, Dr. Stephen Park and Dr. Brian Park use tooth-colored composite resin to provide patients with the greatest opportunity for maintained dental health and cosmetics. As a mixture of materials known for their versatility and genuine aesthetic qualities, we offer procedures using this composite as an ideal option for patients when the teeth that are most visible in their smile are in need of restoration.

For more information on how composite resin can prove beneficial for the appearance and structure of your smile, read on or schedule your exam and consultation with our Silver Spring cosmetic dental office today.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Cavities have historically been filled using amalgam restorations, otherwise known as silver fillings. The metallic appearance of these fillings made it obvious to others that a patient had their teeth treated, no matter which area of the mouth the procedure took place. By using composite resin, Dr. Park gives patients a more uniform, natural smile following treatment. After removing the portion of the tooth affected by decay, our dentist seals the area with a tooth-colored filling. This material is then hardened and color matched with the surrounding enamel by a special, non-invasive UV light.

Minor Dental Repairs

Whether caused by an accident while playing sports or as the result of habits such as ice-chewing; chips, superficial cracks, and other signs of dental wear can greatly reduce a patient’s confidence in their smile. In these cases, our dentist offers direct bonding with composite resin to return structure. In addition to being able to bond with enamel, the shade of this substance can be altered to mimic the genuine appearance of the surrounding smile, making it ideal for minor dental repairs.

It can also be used to correct any uneven wear that patients experience from an imbalanced bite or teeth grinding. For patients who habitually grind their teeth, a condition known as bruxism, Dr. Park may recommend a bite guard as part of their treatment plan to minimize the risk of further damaging their natural teeth and preserve any restorative work they receive.

Bonding for Other Cosmetic Services

Due to its durability, composite resin is often used as a bonding agent for other cosmetic treatments. This material is capable of being used as a filling material on its own and also to bond to existing structures of the teeth for a smile that possesses a uniform beauty. In certain cases, patients can choose composite veneers as a cost-effective alternative to those made of porcelain.

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